A lot more than Women's Arts and Crafts...


The Bedouin women traditionally were the center of the Bedouin economy: in charge of the making and building the tent, bringing the water, tending the flocks, and creating the dairy products. They are strong willed and colorful, if you can find them without the men around! Today they have found ways despite the fast urbanization to utilize their traditions to continue with their role in the family economy: creating rugs, embroidery, cosmetics and more...
This day can be an easy self-guided drive day. If you do not have your own car, then it is recommended you hire a guide. See end of tour suggestion for details.
Most locations are open Sunday-Thursday form 9:00am-1:00pm. For further hours please contact the location.
Contact information for each location is on the directions page for each location. See links from this page.
Most locations have a fee of 20 shekels per person for the visit and talk. All have excellent on-site stores for amazing hand made gifts.

Start your day at Sidreh, see the process of making rugs and woven items that have been awarded the highest quality weaving in the Middle East! At Sidreh you will receive a guided talk (option for English, usually before 1:00pm), see the process of hand weaving, and hear of the wonderful work in literacy and economic empowerment these women are doing. On site store is amazing.


Breakfast and lunch here are also recommended. Make sure you order these ahead. 



Next drive the three minutes to Negev Embroidery, and enjoy the beautiful embroidered items and hear about special embroidery patterns signifying different times of woman's life (possibly in English, worth finding out ahead). 



Go on to Desert Daughter and hear of the wonderful story of Maryam as she learned to appreciate her Grandmother's knowledge of traditional healing. Maryam then learned to incorporate it into modern cosmetic manufacturing technics, creating healing balms and creams. (Possibility for tour in English, worth finding out ahead.)



If you wish to also visit the studio of  Zeinab, an amazing black Bedouin woman artist, she is just 15 minutes drive away. Zeinab, with her own personal amazing story, integrates traditional motifs into amazing ceramic and other art. (Zeinab has a day job, so you should phone ahead if you wish to visit.)


It is recommended that you spend the night (before - preferably) at Elias's Tent, which is only minutes away from all these locations. If you wish you can also hire Atia, your host at Elias's tent, as your guide and driver for the day, or ask him to phone ahead with any questions you may have.  


This tour can be booked ahead by us for a group of 10 or more.