for you to experience...

No questions asked for three days and a third...

​That is how long you would be fully hosted if you stumbled on a Bedouin encampment.

Today this tradition continues, and you can experience it all over the Israeli Negev. There are home stays for groups as small as one, or a tent at "Desert Ship" that can host one thousand. One thing is for sure: the experience of hospitality is magnificent. 


Elias Tent:  Hospitality at its best! Atia and Naame open their home in the Bedouin village of Hashem Zaneh to visitors and offer full board, a tour of their village, and  guided tours of the desert around them. Beyond excellent home cooking, stories of Bedouin traditions and donkey rides, here you can receive a taste of true Bedouin life. Groups of all sizes are welcome. Location: the village of Hashem Zaneh – just east of Moshav Nevatim.

Desert Ship:  light and full Bedouin meals (Kosher upon request); accommodations –

Bedouin tent and bungalows; here you can also purchase camel rides, jeep tours and safaris into the desert; entertainment: drum circles, Bedouin music; and much much more.
Location: Route 222, by Mashabim juct. across from “Golda Park”.

The Hidden Village: One of the last small authentic villages, here Salman Sadan will host you in the Shig, and before you even introduce yourself, he will begin preparing the Libbeh - the traditional bread created right in the hot coals. A talented story teller, Salman will let you know of the secrets of the desert. 

Location:  right by the astounding beauty of Makhtesh Rimon, this is a wonderful base for desert walks.


Ya Halla: Just off the road, yet in the middle of the desert... Accomodations, traditional meals and the feel of Sinai. At Ya-Halla you can also take a camel (or jeep) tour into the desert, stay the night, and return the next day. Salem, your host, will take care of all your needs... 

Location: just off route #40, 50 mintues south of Beer Sheva. 


Drejat: Hospitality in a Cave. Visit an authentic desert Arab village with a story… Visit the caves in which the families lived until quite recently; experience amazing local cuisine: which includes also homemade bread, Labane, and the traditional “maqluba”, all prepared with the traditional wild spices.

Location: on route 31, ten minutes west of Arad.