Not only tents... The amazing stories of different Arab communities in the Negev. All living history...

The Sahara desert, stretching from the Arabian Peninsula in the south to the Negev in the north was home to the Bedouin. The Negev, the northern tip of the Sahara, is the transition of the desert into a more moderate climate, with just enough rain to allow semi-nomadism, and even settled agricultural communities. In this ecosystem Bedouins settled and prominent people began to build permanent structures as their homes. Also - into this ecosystem small communities of farmers migrated and built their communities. Come and visit these interesting border communities!

Drejat: Hospitality in a Cave
Visit an authentic desert Arab village with a story… Visit the
caves in which the families lived until quite recently. The southmost community of the Hebron Mountains' Fallaheen, this extraordinary community moved from their home-caves only in the recent decades! Jaber will tell you of his childhood in the cave, tour the village today, and see another culture within a culture. 

In addition experience amazing local cuisine: which includes also homemade bread, Labane, and the traditional “maqluba”, all prepared with the traditional wild spices. 

Location: on route 31, ten minutes west of Arad.

Palace of Hurriya
Named after the great-grandmother, this is a 200-year-old Bedouin family home, built in the traditional manner from mud, stone and straw. Here you will hear the stories of the family, weddings, and the meaning of jewelry for the Bedouin women. With Amal and her mother you can experience cooking workshops, traditional hand made jewlery, and jewlery  workshops. 

Bedouin coffee and tea are served, and traditional home made meals are available.

Location: the Bedouin town of Laqiya.

Sheikh El Huzayel Mansion
The son of the great Sheikh, Ahmad el Huzayel, will give a tour and relate some of the many stories and legends regarding his father, a legend in his own lifetime, one of the prominent leaders of the Bedouin of the Negev that lived through the Ottoman and British rule and into the Israeli statehood. The home of Sheikh El Huzayel, a 1oo-year-old, two-story-building, standing out in the desert, was known as "The Mansion".  

Shown in the photo with Israeli Prime Minister Levi Eshkol in 1966. Bedouin coffee and tea are served.

Location: the Bedouin city of Rahat.