Culture, Women's Arts, Camels ... All part of the Bedouin way of life

Women's Arts


Bedouin women traditionally did most of the work: taking care of the sheep, weaving tents, bringing water from the far-off water wells, women were also the traditional healers, and all of this in addition to taking care of the family and embroidering their beautiful dresses. 


Today you can experience all these arts and more. and even take something home with you!

Living History


The Sahara desert, stretching from the Arabian Peninsula in the south to the Negev in the north was home to the Bedouin. The Negev, the northern tip of the Sahara, is the transition of the desert into a more moderate climate, with just enough rain to allow semi-nomadism, and even settled agricultural communities.


In this ecosystem Bedouins settled and prominent people began to build permanent structures as their homes. Also - into this ecosystem small communities of farmers migrated and built their communities. Come and visit these interesting border communities!

Camel Rides, Guided Desert Hikes, Sheep Markets and more... 

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