Bedouin Women's Arts

Bedouin women traditionally did most of the work: taking care of the sheep, weaving tents, bringing water from the far-off water wells, women were also the traditional healers, and all of this in addition to taking care of the family and embroidering their beautiful dresses. 

Today you can experience all these arts and more. and even take something home with you!

Watch the entire weaving process, presented by traditional Bedouin women. Through this tour you will get first-hand information about this ancient art, learn about the Bedouin way of life and have an open dialogue with local women to learn about their lives, dreams and motivation. This tour is open for groups who wish to have an up-close cultural exchange, as well as for families and individuals

The Tour includes Bedouin tea or coffee and can also be enjoyed with a traditional bedouin meal. 

Location: Bedouin town of Lakiya. 

Desert Daughter:

Authentic Bedouin Care

Continuing the 400-year-old family tradition of healing, Mariam creates cosmetics and health products based on traditional Bedouin healing knowledge. Receive a tour of the facility, and hear about the herbs and knowledge of healing. Bedouin breakfast and lunch are offered. Workshops for children and for adults are available, teaching the secrets of creating these wonderful products. Desert Daughter products can be purchased at the on-site store.

Location: the Bedouin town of Tel Sheva.


Desert Embroidery

An important initiative created to help Bedouin women find gainful employment while experiencing the joy of maintaining their traditions, Desert Embroidery offers tours of their facilities, live demonstrations of their skills, Bedouin embroidery stories, talks, tea and coffee or traditional meals. Embroidered items available at the store on site.

Location: in the Bedouin town of Laqiya.

Zeinab's Gallery

Zenab, a talented Bedouin woman artist combines in her work
ceramics and traditional Bedouin art, such as embroidery. Visit
the art gallery, or join an art workshop. Zenab also offers Bedouin meals. Amazing pieces of art for sale. 
Location: in the Bedouin town of Segev Shalom

Zeinab's Photo Gallery