Elias Tent

It is a 10 minute drive from Beer Sheva on road 25 towards Dimona.

Driving directions for the last 2 kms:

You pass Moshav Nevatim on your left. Then you pass Nevatim cemetery on your right. Continue east on route 25, another about 2 kms after the cemetery, and you will have a very small, very short extra lane on the right of the road allowing you to exit the road - onto a dirt path. This dirt path immediately splits - take the right. You should see the signpost – The signpost should be on your left. Soon you will get to another split - take the left. You will see a playground on your left and across from the playground a ramp on your right leading up to a house. This is Atia's place. This is less than 1 km from the road.

Please phone Atia when you pass Moshav Nevatim - he speaks some English, and he will be able to see your car the minute you exit the road, and make sure you are driving ok.

By public transport: 

From the central bus station in Beer Sheva take either Egged #48 or #56 that go towards Dimona; these leave every half hour or at times more often. You need to go only as far as "Moshav Nevatim" juct, about 10 minutes ride. Phone ahead and Atia will meet you there. If you prefer, Atia can meet you at the Beer Sheva central bus station, and take up to 4 in his car for 50 nis.