Hidden Village


The Hidden Village is located by Mitzpeh Ramon, about 10 kms north of the town, right off route 40. That is about one hour drive south of Beer Sheva.

Driving south, 50 kms south of Beer Sheva you will pass Sdeh Boker. 15 kms later, take care to notice Ovdat archeological site on your left. this is the time to phone Salman and warn him of your arrival. 

Then drive another 12 kms south and you will pass a very obvious prison (not on maps). about 1 kms after this you will drive down into Zin wadi - with a large signpost that indicates you are doing so. after you climb out of the wadi, about another 1.5 kms, on the right you will see small piles of stone that are the sign that you are now to take this dirt path into the village - which, as its name indicates - is hidden from the road. 

Salman will meet you here and take you to his village and his home.

By public transport:

Take the bus from Beer Sheva to Mitpeh Ramon. Ahead of time plan with Salman to meet him in Mitzpeh at this time. it is 100 nis per car (four people) for the ride from Mitzpeh to the village. 

The little piles of stones indicating your are there...​

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